Untitled Document Leadership Academy Yields Consistent Management Approach

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Service Category: Customized Leadership & Management Training

The Problem

Senior managers at a large commercial building supply company were inconsistent in their approach to leading the organization. After heeding the advice of one "management guru" the managers would adopt one model only to change course the next year after learning from the next guru. Management was losing credibility and employees were starting to think of leadership as "flavor of the month."

Recognizing that most management and leadership books explain only part of the complexity of leadership, the CEO believed his managers wouldn't be so easily swayed if they were better grounded in leadership theory and practice.

How We Helped

The CEO considered a number of training options, from sending his managers to executive MBA programs to mandating a specific leadership philosophy. After several meetings with the CEO, we decided the best approach to broadening his managers' understanding of leadership was to create an in-house Leadership Academy.

The Academy's wide-ranging curriculum highlighted best practices in a variety of areas including mission development, strategic planning, culture change, and performance management. Classes met once or twice a month for six months. Managers completed reading assignments and behavioral exercises between sessions. The Academy's text was consistent with the core values of the organization.


  • Managers gained a clear understanding of the complexity of leadership and the sense that, despite the complexity, certain core principles were common to most theories.
  • The CEO and managers believed they were leading staff more consistently. No longer were employees subjected to new or contradictory initiatives every six months.