Untitled Document VP Integration Drives a More Productive Senior Management Team

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Service Category: Executive Integration

The Problem

Newly hired from outside the organization, a vice president in the public electric power generation industry found himself in a work culture very different from any he had experienced. He believed the only way the organization would succeed would be for it to change - specifically, to give up old ways of interacting and to begin working more productively.

How We Helped

The vice-president asked us to help him "know his people" and transition into the new organization. He wanted to better understand the senior management team and for its members to better understand him. To achieve the latter, he had to communicate clearly about his vision, priorities, expectations, and leadership and management style.

We helped him by inventorying the talent of his management team by completing Leadership and Management Assessments on each senior manager. These assessments helped the VP fine tune the allocation of responsibilities and served as the basis for formulating professional development plans. Not only did the senior managers find the professional development plans helpful, they were surprised the new VP was genuinely interested in their development and committed to helping them succeed. They were impressed that he did not follow the course of simply replacing those who didn't fit his mold. They also found the VP's encouragement and candid feedback beneficial in cultivating their professional development.

Our next step was to help the VP describe himself to his senior management team. He created a Guide to Working With Me that explained his values, management style, and vision to his team. Over the next year we facilitated a number of team building sessions.


  • Senior management grew to work as a high functioning team.
  • To enhance group productivity, they reevaluated which tasks were better accomplished together versus alone.