Untitled Document Effective Integration Maximizes Acquisition Value

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Service Category: Organizational Change Management

The Problem

A large gas distribution company wanted to expand geographically and enhance the efficiency of its distribution. To be more competitive and increase market share, company executives knew the organization needed to leverage its capabilities more effectively and strengthen its leadership talent. The executives planned to acquire a gas distribution and processing company to help achieve these goals.

Rapid integration was necessary to optimize the abilities of both companies. Quick decisions about talent and organization structure were critical to maximizing the value of the acquisition for shareholders.

How We Helped

In two-and-a-half months we assessed the talent of more than 800 executives and managers in both companies against necessary competencies and desired cultural behaviors. Where fit was lacking, individuals were offered a transfer to a more appropriate position or given a severance package.

We also identified issues that would impede effective integration of the new acquisition and implemented action plans to address them quickly. We coached executives and managers on managing the integration changes and developing teams. We identified talent gaps and created leadership development plans that enabled executives to anticipate potential management issues.


  • The integrated company efficiently built its structure, teams, and talent base. This facilitated quick execution of its business strategy and expansion of its market share.
  • The company's stock price increased 14 percent in one year (and 54 percent over two years) post merger because the market viewed the acquisition as successful.
  • The Vice President of Administration calculated the company saved $30 million as a result of its early knowledge of talent, culture, and business issues.