Untitled Document Enhancing Performance Through Employee Development

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Service Category: Professional Development (Company-wide Employee Development Programs)

The Problem

A mid-sized construction material supplier sought to leverage employee development to retain its competitive advantage and market leadership. It also wanted to maintain and improve job satisfaction and loyalty.

How We Helped

We worked with senior management to develop an employee development program to encourage investment in skills and knowledge that enhance job performance. At the heart of the program were Individual Professional Development Plans that outline an employee's developmental objectives for the upcoming year.

Each plan represents a consensus of ideas and input from an individual employee and his or her manager. The plans facilitate discussion and agreement on specific job responsibilities and performance goals, documentation and tracking of developmental accomplishments, and recognition of strengths. The plans outline major developmental objectives, planned activities describing how the objectives will be met, and observable measures that demonstrate objectives have, in fact, been met.

Employees are coached to establish objectives that enable them to do something they were not able to do before. The company uses a coding system to monitor whether objectives are being met and to track the percentage of goals achieved company-wide on a yearly basis.


  • The program is believed to contribute to improved safety, retention, loyalty, productivity, and internal promotion.
    • Safety record is consistently almost twice as good as that of competitors.
    • Turnover and absenteeism rates less than half and one-third the national standard, respectively.
  • Management believes its commitment to total quality management - including employee lifelong learning - helps it to weather recessionary times better than competitors.
  • Our programs were cited as important factors in earning prestigious awards.
    • First in its industry to receive the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
    • Ranked 16th on Fortune magazine's 100 Best companies to work for in America, appearing on the list every year since the ranking's inception.