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Selection Services

Executive Selection

Leaders have a multiplier effect on a company's bottom line success. They drive performance throughout an organization, working through others to impact profits, productivity, morale, customer satisfaction, and safety. One mis-hire can cost an organization 14 to 28 times the executive's salary. That's why selecting the right leader is a fundamental first step to building organizational success.

For more than 20 years, professionals at the Center for Executive Solutions have assessed candidates to assist in the selection of high-level executives who demonstrate critical leadership and management capabilities. Through our Leadership and Management Assessment process (LAMA), we work with our clients to identify the leadership and managerial qualities that are required for success in the position for which candidates are being assessed. We then evaluate candidates vis-à-vis those qualities, assessing leadership and management practices, skills in problem solving, communication, and interpersonal interactions, and motivators and values relative to the needs of the particular organization at a specific point in time.

The evaluation consists of three components: 1) an online assessment that provides a complex portrait of a candidate's professional characteristics grouped into four broad categories (dealing with others, self-management, motivations and thinking style, and leadership/management characteristics), 2) an interview and cognitive testing in which we explore key strengths and potential areas for development, and 3) a feedback session in which we discuss the assessment results with the hiring authority. This process yields a matrix for our clients comparing each candidate's strengths and areas for development relative to the qualities needed for success in the position. We also provide a list of issues for further investigation via reference checks and other means. Finally, if desired, we will provide a feedback session in which we discuss the assessment results with the newly hired candidate and his or her manager.

Whether working directly with organizations or in coordination with executive recruiters, we bring independence and objectivity to ensure a rigorous evaluation. Once selected, we offer newly hired executives assistance in addressing developmental needs, inventorying company talent, cultivating open working relationships, and otherwise integrating them into the organization.

Company-wide Employee Selection

In addition to executive selection, we help our clients make the most of their company-wide employee selection programs. We work with Human Resources on a variety of employee selection enhancement initiatives that have yielded tangible benefits and prestigious recognition for our clients. Examples of our work include defining candidate attributes that support the desired organizational culture and creating interview tools that assess candidates with reference to those attributes. We have designed and implemented team interviewing programs that significantly enhance the accuracy of and buy-in to selection decisions. We train our clients in the art of team interviewing to enable them to reap the benefits of incorporating diverse stakeholder inputs, both in unionized and nonunion environments.

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Selecting the right leader is the first step in building organizational success.