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Assessments & Surveys

Industry leaders continually "take the pulse" of their customers and employees to measure current and future needs. They assess how well employees have internalized the organization's core values, mission, and vision and any obstacles to achieving organizational goals, as well as how well all of these factors together meet the needs of customers.

The Center for Executive Solutions uses a number of organization-wide survey instruments designed to help organizations understand their culture and work climate. Surveys can target specific concerns such as safety, accountability, or customer service, or generate a more comprehensive snapshot of the culture. Senior managers use the information to develop and implement improvement initiatives. These survey instruments also are often used in conjunction with organizational change initiatives such as aligning culture with a recalibrated organizational strategy or during restructuring, acquisitions, mergers, or strategic partnerships.

Organizational Culture Survey

We use a variety of culture surveys, selecting that which best fits the client's particular needs. One of the surveys we use, for example, benchmarks an organization's cultural norms to a database of more than 550 companies, revealing how the organization's cultural profile compares to high- and low-performing organizations across a spectrum of industries. It pinpoints strengths and opportunities for improvement in cultural factors that impact high priority organizational objectives.

Cultural factors surveyed include:

  • Adaptability - customer focus, organizational learning, and propensity for creating change
  • Involvement - employee empowerment, team orientation, and capability development
  • Focused Mission - strategic direction and intent, goals and objectives, and vision
  • Consistency - core values, agreement, and coordination and integration
These cultural factors are empirically demonstrated to link directly to bottom-line organizational performance. Organizations and business units whose scores consistently rank in the top quartile have drastically higher returns on equity and total investment, customer satisfaction, and sales growth than those in the bottom quartile.

Assessing Employee & Organizational Needs

We design and implement customized surveys to assess a variety factors that affect employee and organizational performance. Our surveys help:

  • Detect underlying factors contributing to problems such as high employee turnover or poor safety practices
  • Identify gaps in alignment of organizational structure and performance management programs with strategic vision
  • Pinpoint opportunities for enhancing quality, safety, innovation, and productivity
  • Communicate management priorities, values, and commitment
  • Measure the success of change initiatives



The first step in improving organizational performance is to understand what needs to improve.