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Incident Analysis

When it comes to quality and safety, some industries - particularly the commercial nuclear power generation industry - have little room for error. Evaluations of serious incidents suggest that human performance problems play a larger role than hardware failures.

When an acute critical event occurs, the Center for Executive Solutions analyzes what went wrong, how widespread is the problem, and how pervasive are the causes. Our root cause analysis typically reveals a number of simultaneous chronic problems along with one unusual event that resulted in the critical incident. We focus on management factors, internal processes, and cultural norms and expectations. We assess such management factors as organizational structure, mission, and talent, including how personnel are screened, selected, monitored for behavioral reliability, trained, and promoted. Internal processes evaluated include what behaviors are rewarded, how mistakes are handled, how decisions are made, and work flow procedures.

We bring to bear independent analysis, skilled problem solving, and an understanding of human behavior to reduce the probability of human error and to improve reliability and accuracy. We help our clients cultivate work environments that motivate pro-quality and pro-safety behaviors and participate on advisory committees to design and implement solutions. Many of our professionals have deep experience and technical knowledge in high-risk industries where quality and safety concerns are paramount.



Safety is no accident.