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Organizational Change Management

Top-performing organizations proactively survey their external and internal environment, mold their strategy to capitalize on opportunities, and initiate change as needed to execute their strategies. The Center for Executive Solutions is there every step of the way, helping our clients to facilitate strategic planning, assess organizational structures needed to attain strategic goals, and design and implement programs to build alignment.

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation - We work with senior management to clarify organizational goals, vision, and mission. We demonstrate the value of vision and mission statements and emphasize their importance in elucidating and communicating business strategy. We help organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We assess gaps between where an organization is at present versus where it needs to be in the next five years. We work with the organization to drive specific strategies to close these gaps.
  • Aligning Strategy & Culture - Even the best business strategy will only be as good as the organizational structure, talent, and resources available to execute it. We help organizations assess their existing culture and build internal structures that support its strategy, including developing coordinated performance management, communication, and training programs.
  • Acquisitions, Mergers, & Alliances - The potential benefits of acquiring, merging, or partnering with another organization can be drastically undercut by clashes in leadership styles and organizational cultures. We help executives evaluate these risks and minimize potential problems by assessing competencies and gaps in talent, fundamental disparities in organizational structures, and any other potential barriers to success. We advise on the composition of optimal teams, build processes to minimize and effectively address resistance to change, and create an integrated structure and performance management program that align with strategic objectives.
  • Restructuring - If truly needed and successfully implemented, reorganization can be a powerful driver of improved efficiency and effectiveness. We can assist with organizational design as well as advising executives on how to help employees emerge from painful transitions with an understanding of their importance to the organization's future and a renewed commitment to their role in achieving strategic goals. We assess individual and team strengths and developmental needs relative to requirements of the new structure and design developmental programs that facilitate enhanced productivity.

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