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Organizational Effectiveness

We help our clients enhance organizational effectiveness by stimulating innovation, developing continuous improvement programs, and cultivating a more effective board.

  • Stimulating Innovation in Organizations Organizational barriers to innovation are often unintentional and even unnoticed. The Center for Executive Solutions helps stimulate innovation through such measures as reducing fear and punishing consequences, increasing communication, and fine-tuning suggestion systems.
  • Continuous Improvement Program Development Continuous improvement initiatives offer the promise of high returns, but only when coupled with an investment of time and energy in successful implementation and and with sustained commitment to the success of these initiatives. We help executives and managers identify where large gains can be made, and perhaps more importantly to overcome resistance to changing old ways of doing business. We help individuals understand how they benefit from the improvement effort, assist in creating incentives that motivate people to participate, and help devise methods for recognizing successes. Where necessary, we coach those whose interpersonal and technical skills stand in the way of progress. We also provide training on conflict management behaviors so potentially contentious interactions lead to positive solutions rather than strained relations.
  • Board Consultation An effective board is a valuable asset to a CEO, lending experience and insight to assist with decision making and providing support during implementation of difficult decisions. We help to improve board effectiveness as well as the relationship between the board and CEO.


  • Stimulating Innovation in Organizations
  • Continuous Improvement Program Development
  • Board Consultation